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Topic subject*puts on war paint and lets out loud war cry*
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30075, *puts on war paint and lets out loud war cry*
Posted by Ioness, Mon Apr-25-05 07:28 AM
I am a warrior, a rebel, a tyrant of sorts my mother calls me.

My heart is fore much. I fear no thing except for not being able to leave this plane when I die.

I am almost haphazard.

Each day I do something that surprises me...today it is this post.

But as I release my fears, and doubts of rejetion and ridicule I learn to be even more confident tomorrow.

Do you kow what it feel slike to get up and walk, when each step your foot trembles, but you keep walking, without looking back, without fear you hold your head up and keep walking.

I walk tall, through this land and I will continue to walk tall, for my self. Because I am free, because I am, because I can and no thing can stop me.