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Topic subjectIf you see me sleeping wake me!
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30068, If you see me sleeping wake me!
Posted by Ioness, Mon Apr-25-05 05:52 AM
The slave in this line represents the many of us who are deaf dumb and blind, it may even represent myself. Where as others may have had some one to wake them up. I have struggled for quite some time trough my sleep paralysis to wake.
This line is very symbolic. It speaks to the apathetic nature that is running rampant among this world’s population and even still to the blind causes of most of our leaders whose antics it seems help to just further the sleep of their followers.

Many people say that they are light sleepers, some say don’t sneak up on them when they are sleeping because they will attack, others are so knocked out that you can walk right up to them and they won’t wake.

I am not like that. When I am resting if you stare at me I will wake, and likewise if I stare at you, you will wake as well. I don’t what that means if it means anything at all, but I thought it was also symbolic of everyday life.

When you try to show some people the more communal way of doing things in tune rather than in rebellion some will catch on easily and wake, others will fight you down to the ground. Then there are some like myself who know better but have to be reminded and too can help to wake others.

If you see me sleeping, wake me!