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30064, Introversion
Posted by Nettrice, Mon Apr-25-05 03:35 PM
When I was a kid, people perceived me as weak. I was a "free-spirit" who liked nature, helping others, and making things. I had a talent (art) and people called me "shy". "Why are you always so quiet?", they would ask. Of course, I had no clue but in reality I had both the ability to be introverted and extroverted. I learned that an introvert processes information internally or inwardly, by thinking about it and mulling it over...usually before acting or doing something. Family members pressured my mother to do something about my attitude because I was being impractical. They did not understand that I wanted balance.

I think people see tenderness and introversion as weak because it requires openness and to be open makes one vulnerable. People are sometimes afraid of other people. We hide behind aliases, other people's ideas and beliefs to feel safe.

I spend a good deal of my time in solitude because of all the outward activity during the day. It helps me to create much needed balance. The introvert and extrovert "attitudes" show how a person understands and receives their energy. People have to know when to be outgoing and focus on people and things. There is also a time to be introspective and focus on thoughts and ideas.