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Topic subjectThis is what this made me think, and also inspired me to do this post.
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30045, This is what this made me think, and also inspired me to do this post.
Posted by Ioness, Mon Apr-25-05 05:21 AM
I have seen examples where more than 80% of the people I come in contact with whether personal or purely superficial and in a totally objective way display the latter type of behaviour.

Sometimes I am appalled at the ways in which people who themselves are hurting inside will attack others out of that hurt. Sometimes I am at a loss of how to reach out and help those kinds of people. Often times I may react out of my own hurt and make matters worse. Lately I have noticed that I am able to take certain ridicule much easier than in my past, but that only helps me.

Now I am striving to show love to those who are hurt to show them that there are other ways that we can be, that negative/taking vibrations only end up being negative/taking of ourselves. Emotionally it is draining, mentally it is suffocating and does no thing for our bodies physically.

How am I doing this? Well, I continue to share my life stories with others no matter what. Despite my fears of opening my heart to those who would see it closed and bitter. I made a vow to my self to continue to be generous to be kind and loving and to always strive to remember this vow when waves of anger and doubt threaten to drown me. It is in this vow to my self that I have found some peace. Finally. To you, I would encourage the same. To always share, it is communication in unity. Through these experiences that we have with others even if brief, we pass on love and develop spirit true all ties that will continue through out perpetuity.

If I can touch one man, one woman one child one soul, with my smile, by opening that door or by simple conversation then I am happy. It is these sharing moments that will live on in the memories of others.

When you take the time to give of yourself in such a way you give more than just a story, you give a piece of your divinity.