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Topic subjectRE: The best education is KNOWLEDGE OF SELF yay or nay
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30018, RE: The best education is KNOWLEDGE OF SELF yay or nay
Posted by urthanheaven, Sun Apr-17-05 11:22 PM




kos is the foundation of all knowledge and the wealth spring from which true knowledge comes.

to know something is not to have it pushed into your head. you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it think. no one can learn for you. you need knowledge of self to even begin to be able to use the information that you recieve.

knowledge of self is your operating system...

i guess in that sense the question is missleading. it's kind of like saying the best education is having a head. rather i would say that you are not trully educated untill you have knowledge of self...

call it enlightenment. the god waking up to knowhimself. seeing all of creation and figuring out your place in it. unified theory. a mathematic equation that makes the universe fall into place.