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Topic subjectI was thinking cohesion, too
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30011, I was thinking cohesion, too
Posted by Nettrice, Mon Apr-18-05 10:11 AM
...when I read the article.

"Groups work best when all members of the group, or all sub-groups, share a common vision of the future and operate on the basis of a shared set of beliefs. In other words, group cultures are more cohesive when there is cultural fit. In such situations, members of the group are able to operate with responsible freedom and decision-making authority can be pushed to the periphery. When beliefs are not shared internal factions develop. This can threaten the survival of the group entity. The decision-making authority must decide in this case how to deal with these differences."

>Doesn't the problem arise at
>cohesion level? Individuals and groups identify and sustain
>themselves as much by their perceived similarites but also by
>the perceived differences of others. Colour is a highly
>salient difference.

I see lots of Black folks at the transformation level where they are adapting or learning to adapt to the external environment and meet their needs. This is usually where folks start to camp out. They don't take it to the next level or stage.