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30010, Yes, yes , yes!
Posted by moot_point, Mon Apr-18-05 09:15 AM

>"The seven stages in the development of human consciousness
>also apply to the development of group consciousness; where
>“group” is defined as a collection of individuals that share a
>common heritage or purpose. The characteristics of the
>consciousness of an individual are expressed through the
>individual’s personality. The characteristics of the
>consciousness of a group are expressed through the group’s

I agree with this social psychology model. But you can use the model to identify the seemingly entrenched problem. I've written before that egocentricity to the individual is ethnocentrism to the group. Doesn't the problem arise at cohesion level? Individuals and groups identify and sustain themselves as much by their perceived similarites but also by the perceived differences of others. Colour is a highly salient difference..