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Topic subjectRE: You shouldn't care
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30004, RE: You shouldn't care
Posted by moot_point, Sun Apr-17-05 02:21 PM
>"Navigating bullshit" doesn't have to be racial, but when
>talking about "formal education" it is definitely racial.

Which is why I liked your comment at second reading. All individuals, irrespective of ethnicity or label could use this as a maxim.

>Talking about "self" is inherently spiritual and whether
>people like talking about it or not, our spirit body is housed
>in a physical body that people have attached value to, based
>on skin. I don't see why people try to steer around it.

I fully appreciate this. However, Taharka (his ears must be burning!) launched straight into the racial without attempting/wanting to consider any other element of the 'self'. I'm not scared to talk about ethnicity, I just think that at times it re-invents the wheel.

>Even if I could create a "perfect world", there would not be
>one ethnicity. To have a fairytale that isn't even desirable
>inform my response seems pointless "to me" And even if I did
>let it inform my response it remains the same.

I wasn't proposing that the world could or should be ethnically homogeneous. I simply asked you to imagine the scenario in order to stimulate areas of discussion removed from ethnicity. You did, and responded that it wouldn't make a difference to the self. To me that made it worthwhile.