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Topic subjectYou shouldn't care
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30002, You shouldn't care
Posted by moot_point, Sun Apr-17-05 01:44 PM
>So. Why should care about what you think seems racist?

But this could have been an interesting forum on the self. I gave Taharka the benefit of the doubt to begin with, but it turned out that this was just a re-worded 'fighting each other we lose sight of the enemy' forum.

At second reading your first comment (re navigating bullshit) has some real merit, but the consistent racial subtext is unfortunate because I think it can cloud your intellectual clarity.

>>Imagine for a second that there are no different ethicities
>in the
>>world. How then would you define the 'self'?
>The definition wouldn't change, also knowledge of self runs
>much deeper than ethnicity, but it definitely informs
>btw, proposing the impossible is pointless.

Not quite.. that's the power of the imagination; you were able to visualise that scenario and allow it to inform your response.