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Topic subjectKNOWLEDGE IS political
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29984, KNOWLEDGE IS political
Posted by Taharka, Fri Apr-15-05 04:39 PM
people tell you what they want you to know for specific reasons. The Educational system in Amerikkka is failing not only African people in AMERIKKKA BUT AMERIKKKANS as a whole. The Amerikkkan education can't compete with the many nations in the world.

The reason why I posted this is because people have major misconceptions about what the meaning of education is. Education or knowledge is for survival of a given group of people and to progress the given society. Africans in Amerikkka are being pimped by the education system which is basically a GIANT HUMAN FILTER.

Notice who fill up the low wage jobs and who the managers are even in areas that are majority white. It is just magic that 40% of Africans in Amerikkka live in poverty and are stuck in dead in low wage jobs. We are being educated into a subordinated consumer class of people.

It filters out many people usually black and poor while a few make it to the Amerikkkan white middle class dream of a midsize house car 2.3 children in the suburbs with a average paying job. They have a nice job but who does it benefit to work for a fortune 500 company are you training to be A CEO AND OPEN SOME DOORS OR JUST A HELPER?

Education determines everything and in Amerikkka and Blacks especially boys are targeted. How can we allow our children to be taught by the same people that run the prisons television shows McDonalds and all the other shit we see. These same people who drug up our children and place them in learning disabled classes at disproportionate rates.

Schools are big business with companies like pepsi calling the shots the same companies that have their hand in the prison industry. Your kid was drinking pepsi products graduated to the state pen where they make pepsi products how IRONIC.

Woman especially African American women are doing well in this current system but then some of us get so caught up in the bullshit that we have a piece of paper or title(degree) so now we can't relate to each other all of a sudden a perfect example of miseducation/ buying into the Amerikkkan dream.

I believe in education to uplift a people but many people are educated fools.