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Topic subjectallow me to show you how dumb you are.
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29960, allow me to show you how dumb you are.
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-15-05 09:39 AM
this is what you do. dont let your kids go to public school or college (they are instruments to tear down the black race right? they teach nothing but propaganda right?), just teach them all they need to know about the black race, their history from religion, to africa, slave trade, the whole 9.

by the time your kids are teenagers they are fully equipped to intellectually debate anybody on the history of the black man and what not...but what SKILLS to they possess to put food on the table? without a college education or any skills, what types of jobs will your seeds have outside of manual labor? what good is somebody that knows absolutely NOTHING about the inner workings of "da system" to an employer?

the answer is that you can't get around it. regardless of how u feel about "ameriKKKa", somebody is going to have to learn how to interact with other "ameriKKKans" in order to do business OF ALL RACES, and you are going to have to have SOME type of skill learned on a university or in a classroom somewhere in order to be productive in society...however, mcdonalds and wal-mart are always hiring...