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Topic subjectRE: Well to me it is clear
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29950, RE: Well to me it is clear
Posted by moot_point, Fri Apr-15-05 09:39 AM
>that the motivation of education is to ensure the survival of
>a people. The Amerikkkan system is full of EUROpean
>imperialism and supremacy but it lets european people know
>they are some crazy hypocritical genodical motherfuckers hell
>bent on world domination and to get rich or die trying.
>To me it is clear why the educational system doesn't relate to
>Africans especially black males who are public enemy number

Do you think perhaps it is white privilege to afford a different meaning to the 'self'? Because I don't define it in the same way as you do. In fact, I don't actually think there is such thing as a 'self', but that, it seems, is a different debate..