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Topic subjectbut you're wrong here..
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29824, but you're wrong here..
Posted by inVerse, Fri Apr-01-05 12:36 PM
in the following regard...

>I'm saying that it's clearly wrong to
>sell children into prostitution, due to the empathy we all
>seem to share for our fellow human beings. The (clear)
>existence of that empathy is enough to justify the statement
>that such behavior is "wrong."

But we don't ALL feel it. If WE ALL felt it, it would not be going on!

The question remains, YOU FEEL IT and I FEEL IT, but on what grounds do we impose that belief on one who DOES NOT FEEL it?

If you say "because we outnumber him", your gonna go some scary places ad absurdum. That's a "majority creates morality" view, and I don't really think you hold it, Thrasymachus.

If you say "because it's REALLY wrong", we're right back to where we started, cause I'm gonna ask you why you discriminate and impose your view on the guy who thinks it's REALLY right?

>You then ask me to explain where that empathy comes from. I
>don't know, and I don't particularly care. The fact is it's
>here. We don't need to know "why" it's here to know that it's

But it's NOT there for some. Why do you discriminate against them? Why can't they do as they wish and you do as you wish?