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29822, unanswered of course
Posted by inVerse, Fri Apr-01-05 01:13 AM

The statement was originally made that conception of God is not needed in order to show why prostituting children is wrong.

You agreed with that by chiming in with "because it forces them to do something they don't want".

To which I pointed out that you can't explain why THAT is wrong.

To which you replied:

>Not try'n to.

So what are you tryin' to explain? You've dodged all the logical questions about what is moral and why it is moral as soon as they lead in a direction your assumption denies. Of course your "tryin to explain why it's wrong"! You said very clearly "because it forces them to do something they don't want" as an answer to the question. But when the question "Why is THAT wrong?" is posed, you back out.

>>2) What if child consents? Is it right to prostitute them?
>Not necessarily. The view that's generally held these days is
>that most children have too little understanding of these
>matters to make a properly informed decision;

1) Who are you to enforce your ideas on these consenting children?
2) What is it that they don't understand? What IS a properly informed decision regarding this matter?