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Topic subjectDon't misunderstand
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29819, Don't misunderstand
Posted by inVerse, Thu Mar-31-05 09:47 PM
>Doing things as to not want to hurt others or because you
>fear punishment? There is such a thing as "morals" without
>religion but they never seem to get this.

When someone says "without God all is permissable", many take that to mean that the person is saying that the only reason to do "good" is to avoid punishment, and conversely, and the only reason not to do evil, is because of the punishment.

This fails to understand what's really being debated (and suggested by Dostoyevsky's statement). He recognized (as you do when someone wrongs you) that morality is objective/real/absolute, and that they ONLY place an law which was objective to human minds could come from was from a MIND objective to human minds.

To say that a person "merely does good to avoid punishment" is to completely misunderstand the nature of humanity and especially the nature of God. God IS goodness. It is His very nature. When you act as you were designed to act, you are partaking of the very nature of God. This is what the "Euthyphro Problem" wholly fails to understand, and why it is a false dichotomy, and hense, not a problem at all.