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29816, hold on...
Posted by inVerse, Thu Mar-31-05 05:59 PM

>It remains that you are unable to establish a causal link
>between the earthquakes of the last century and bible
>prophecies of the end of the world.

Of course it remains. Declaring that it's the end of the world is 1) a bigger task than I'm capable of accompolishing. 2) Moot, if you have predetermined that the book which suggests an "end to the world" is false.

I'm only raising the point that there have been A LOT of earthquakes. That, taken into consideration along with what we have witnessed in the 20th century concerning the annihilation humans, an attempt to relativize good and evil, an the development of the means by which to destroy the entire planet many times over... all this gives me, a believer in that book (mentioned above) pause to think.

>If there is such a causal link (and we are to believe the
>media), then did your God initiate the tsunami that hit
>Thailand, in order to force MORE children into sex slavery?

Better question: If this God, nor any other exists, what's wrong with sex slavery? Good luck with that.

>>What presupposition do your arguments begin with?

You misunderstand. "Reason" is "how" you argue. Any particular argument though begins with an assumption/pressuposition of some kind. ANY argument.

But let's accept your answer for a moment. Use your presupposition then, "reason", to explain to me WHY you begin with that presupposition.

Good luck with that too.