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Topic subjectRE: Consider this Zewari
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29801, RE: Consider this Zewari
Posted by moot_point, Wed Mar-30-05 06:36 PM
>Neitzche died in 1900.
>This century IS different. These times ARE markedly
>Malcom Muggeridge said:
>"If God is dead, someone is going to have to take His place,
>and it will be either megolomania or erotomania, the drive for
>power or the drive for pleasure, the clinched fist or the
>phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner".

What remains lacking is a cogent argument. Who gives a fuck what Malcolm Muggeridge said? Semantic erotica... no more! You fail to provide even a snifter of a coherent argument that these times are different. Your religion is opium.

I put it to you that you cannot provide a single convincing argument without bandying a quote from the biblical or fundamentalist book of approximations to support your argument..