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Topic subjectRE: Say What?
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29775, RE: Say What?
Posted by jenNjuice, Tue Mar-29-05 07:39 PM
"Who has said they dreamed the end days were near and had the world end shortly after to prove they were right?Look, I'm sure you are sweet person"
I am-thanks for the compliment. im sure you aint bad yourself

"and all but I've been around and around with people with your belief system my whole life."

me 2, and i don't mess with them like that either.

"We won't get anywhere here as you can not see past your "heart"."

this is more than a matter of the heart. if your not willing to get past your layers of anger in regards to christianity and whatever happened in your past experience with other believers than no sweety we can't go any where.

you see I CAME from the world in which your from. i thought like you thought. sought to find everything wrong with the bible and i contended everything about this faith. i know the knowledge of what some believe nullifies the reality of christianity.but i tasted and experienced something far better than what so called "proof" (which really isn't) can provide.

and i aint here to preach, nor am i going to waste time arguing. so peace to you 2.

"The only thing we wanted for our country was the right to a decent existence, to dignity without hypocrisy , to independence without restrictions... The day will come when history will have its say."-Lumumba