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Posted by jenNjuice, Tue Mar-29-05 06:58 PM
"If a woman does not cry not because she is fearful but because she actually enjoys the act, is that rape? So why should she still be stonned?"

if she is enjoying it (although the initial intent was based purely on a violation) than no its not rape because now it is 2 adults enjoying an act

i believe that's why God regarding it as an evil act and required that they be stoned

"its Seriously, you don't feel many of these old laws were anti-female?"

yes, in the way a human would comprehend it.

the old laws was based on a concept of purging and purification to the extreme that was misused by people who were carnal minded. and if your looking at in on a "flesh" level you would only see a man and a helpless sinful woman

but the true parallelism of the man and wife in the old testament is God and the church.

in regards to the law, that's why another law was needed. remember what Jesus did when they were about to stone that woman. Did he not stick up for her?

if you want to attack the bible for the main purpose of just attacking it that's fine.but there's many faccids of it thats on a deeper level than what you see.peace

"The only thing we wanted for our country was the right to a decent existence, to dignity without hypocrisy , to independence without restrictions... The day will come when history will have its say."-Lumumba