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Topic subjecti don't think so
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29744, i don't think so
Posted by jenNjuice, Tue Mar-29-05 06:43 PM
have you ever been raped?
no one who is being raped, and violated remains silent, unless told other wise. Now if the word specified that if the woman does not cry out as a result of her being forced to remain silent and they still stone her than maybe that's extreme and i can agree with you on that.

But as a woman, i cannot comprehend being violated and remaining silent out of fear. i can comprehend remaining silent out of a sick sense of enjoyement.

i think theres a greater sense of whats being conveyed here

"The only thing we wanted for our country was the right to a decent existence, to dignity without hypocrisy , to independence without restrictions... The day will come when history will have its say."-Lumumba