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29742, RE: Let's start here
Posted by jenNjuice, Tue Mar-29-05 06:22 PM
"So is this a less violent time?"

instead of addressing the point your using the bible as a mechanism to attack that persons frame of reference, good tactic, but your elluding the point.

the bible verse you used was a punishment based on certain principles, not an intentional violent act.

no one went around stoning people for heck of it unless they broke the law, im sure there was no justice back then, BUT today you do have more people intentionally committing crimes within the justice system, there are new inventions i.e guns which=more crime,more spousal abuse, child neglect, and more parents violently killing their children, etc...more KIDS killing each other aimlessly, more money, more power, national neglect is also an indirect form of violence, etc

and it will get worse
this was also prophesized in the bible as well

"The only thing we wanted for our country was the right to a decent existence, to dignity without hypocrisy , to independence without restrictions... The day will come when history will have its say."-Lumumba