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Topic subjectEvery generation has those that think it's the "last days"
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29737, Every generation has those that think it's the "last days"
Posted by OldPro, Tue Mar-29-05 05:27 PM
I've been hearing this shit since I was a kid. My grandmother told me that during WW II there was hella people who thought it was the start or Armageddon. Before that WW I was the start. So on and so on. Problem is, every generation feels like their "time" is special for better or worse. What these people fail to see is, things have been much "darker" and "immoral" at many points in the past. The "Dark Ages" sure wasn't any picnic. With the plague killing a 1/3 of the population in some regions, roaming bands of thieves and rapist and a corrupt power (Popes of the time) coming in the name of god )anti-christ anyone) I'd say that time fit the bill far more than anything today. The funny thing is, that if you actually believe there will be a "last days" then those same people should also believe god will come "like a thief in the night" Meaning when it's least expected. I've never understood those that say times getting worse is proof of the last days. Your belief is your belief, but at least stay consistent.