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Topic subjectLet's talk about Dinosour Fossils then...
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29731, Let's talk about Dinosour Fossils then...
Posted by inVerse, Tue Mar-29-05 10:12 PM

here's what I just got through reading that inspired the post...

Dinosaur Fossils: Age of the Dinosaurs
Dinosaur fossils were once thought to be millions of years old. This age was based upon the geologic column. The geologic column dates fossils by the rocks in which they are found, and dates rocks by the fossils they contain. Critics insist this is circular reasoning. "The intelligent layman has long suspected circular reasoning in the use of rocks to date fossils and fossils to date rocks" (J.E. O'Rourke, "American Journal of Science," 1976, 276:51). Furthermore, the geologic column assumes uniformity, which has come to be disproved by such geologic features as poly-strata fossils, misplaced fossils, missing layers, and misplaced layers (such as layers in reverse order, or "ancient" layers found several layers above "modern" layers). Most recently, advocates of an "Old Earth" turn to Radiometric Dating to prove dinosaurs to be ancient. Though they cannot date the dinosaur remains themselves, they can date rocks buried near the dinosaur remains. This is not accepted by many authorities as valid, as Radiometric Dating is based upon controversial assumptions held to be erroneous by many scholars, as indicated by empirical research. Dinosaurs are assumed to be millions of years old. Many now propose they died off in recent times and are responsible for the myriad of dragon myths. This has come to be a popular theory with such discoveries as the Ica Stones, the Glenn Rose tracks, etc. In addition, human remains have been found buried with dinosaur remains on more than one occasion. It may be that man hunted dinosaurs to extinction.

Dinosaur Extinction: Another Theory
Dinosaur Extinction is a hot topic for debate. New theories for the catastrophe that killed the dinosaurs are presented every couple of years. We have viewed the evidence and have decided to present our own theory.

Dinosaur Extinction: The Premise
Dinosaur extinction -- Most scientists believe that dinosaurs went extinct about 50 to 65 million years ago. Most scientists agree that man’s conception of dinosaurs has been limited to the past 180 years or so (the word itself wasn’t even coined until 1841). Therefore, if we discovered evidence of man’s knowledge of (or coexistence with) dinosaurs during the last couple of centuries, “science” (as we know it) would be turned upside down.

Dinosaur Extinction: The Evidence

1. Human & Dinosaur Fossils. Human bones and tools coexist in the same fossil layers as dinosaur bones in Texas and the Dakotas.
2. Human & Dinosaur Footprints. Footprints of dinosaurs, humans and other mammals coexist in the same fossil layers in Texas and New Mexico.
3. Native American Petroglyphs. Cave and cliff drawings in Utah and Colorado crudely depict certain dinosaur species (dated from 400 A.D. to 1300 A.D.).
4. Ica Stones. Ceremonial burial stones discovered in Ica, Peru depict numerous species of dinosaurs, some in activities with man (dated from 500 A.D. to 1500 A.D.).
5. Acambaro Figurines. Ceramic and stone figurines discovered in Acambaro, Mexico represent many species of dinosaurs (dated from 800 B.C. to 200 A.D.).
6. Dragon Accounts. China, Europe and the Middle East share similar accounts of “dragons” and other beasts. Some cultures revered these creatures. For instance, records of Marco Polo in China show that the royal house kept dragons for ceremonies. In other cultures, it was a great honor to kill these beasts. There are numerous records of warriors killing great beasts in order to establish credibility in a village.
7. Behemoth, Leviathan and the Dragons of the Bible. Job writes of great creatures, Behemoth and Leviathan, nearly 4000 years ago. Although more recent Bible translations use elephant, hippo or crocodile instead, the original Hebrew does not allow for these interpretations. The word “dragon” (Hebrew: tannin) is used numerous times in the Old Testament, and most directly translates as “sea or land monsters.”
8. Gilgamesh, Fafnir, Beowulf and other Legends. Many famous legends, including the mythology of Egypt, Greece and Rome, include specific descriptions of dragons and other dinosaur-like creatures.
9. Dragons in Ancient Art. Dinosaur-like creatures are featured on Babylonian landmarks, Roman mosaics, Egyptian burial shrouds, and many other pieces of art throughout the ancient world.
10. Current Legends & Discoveries. There is a huge and credible legacy of sea, lake and swamp “monsters,” even to this day.

Dinosaur Extinction: The Theory
Dinosaur Extinction is a recent phenomenon. Many of the great sea and land monsters went extinct in a global flood about 4400 years ago. Some of these creatures survived and inhabited earth with man, until they too went extinct as man killed them for sport, safety, and expansion (like black bears in Florida and bison in the Western U.S.). We know this theory is revolutionary to many! However, we must admit – it’s not original. In fact, the theory isn’t really a “scientific” theory at all. It’s based on the established truth of the Biblical record – a record that’s not dependant on mankind’s ever-changing view of science and reason. We absolutely encourage you to carefully examine the evidence for yourself!