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29729, Dragons
Posted by OldPro, Wed Mar-30-05 04:58 PM
Are pretty easy to explain actually. It's a combination of people that had no idea what a dinosaur was, unearthing bones that defied anything they had ever seen. The second part of this, is the fact that the average person never traveled more than 50 miles from his place of birth. Add those two together and you get dragon legends. How so? Well once people saw those bones, they knew something like a dragon really did/does exists. Now it just takes one exception to the "50 mile rule" to return home after traveling someplace far away. When he comes back, he spreads the story about how he saw dragons much like the bones in his village. While I'm typing this I just realized I'm explaining why dragons ARE myth. 40th St you're right. Why are we wasting our time with this?