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Topic subjecti'll give you a clue- they have ".ac" in the domain name
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29717, i'll give you a clue- they have ".ac" in the domain name
Posted by tohunga, Thu Mar-31-05 11:28 AM
it's up to you to show me their work where it is published on ACADEMIC SITES.

otherwise how else am i to know how reputable they are?
you can buy degrees on the net these days, you know.

here, this might help:
".ac is also a second level domain for academic establishments, such as Universities, in the a number of countries, such as the United Kingdom (.ac.uk), Japan (.ac.jp), Belgium (.ac.be), and many many more. Many countries use .edu for the same purpose, for example .edu.au in Australia, .edu.my in Malaysia. Still other countries (examples include France and Switzerland), do not maintain a second level domain specifically for academic institutions. Rather, each institution will have its own second-level domain (such as sorbonne.fr for the Sorbonne, or tum.de for the Technical University of Munich)"