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29690, RE: what I presuppose....
Posted by stravinskian, Thu Mar-31-05 05:03 PM
>>You don't make much progress by simply assuming an enormous
>>anti-christian conspiracy in the scientific community
>What I pressupose is actually more than that. I pressupose an
>enormous, congenital anti-God conspiracy in the heart of every
>man that has ever walked the earth, including myself. The
>only man I exclude from this group is Jesus.
>It's important also that you not equivocate my "Faith in God"
>with faith in a young earth hypothesis. I am only raising the
>point that there is suppressed evidence and a suppressed
>Presently, at this point in my thinking, I see no reason why a
>creative God might just as well have done things slowly as
>quickly. Evolution, logically, does not negate the need for a
>creator. The Creationist vs. Evolutionist debate is based on
>a false dichotomy. People swallow it and pick a side because
>they don't think rationally.

Okay, marcus3xmas. But what does this "anti-God conspiracy" have to do with science? You say yourself that a 4-billion-year-old earth in no way contradicts the influence of God. So how could this anti-God conspiracy be the cause of this OVERWHELMING majority opinion in the scientific community? Perhaps that viewpoint became an overwhelming majority view not through the anti-God conspiracy, but instead through the same rational thought process that brought us air conditioners, computers, microwave calzones and a justice system that doesn't involve public stoning.

>However, the more I explore this "young earth camp" (EXTREMELY

There is no position so absurd that a handful of PhD scientists cannot be found to support it! One of the great physicists of the twentieth century, Julian Schwinger, devoted the last decade of his life to cold fusion. But he was not smart enough to make it work, no matter how badly he wanted it.

What matters is not the view of a small camp (however "extremely credible"), but rather the agreement of a wide, deep, educated majority, when such agreement exists. With regard to the "age" of the earth, such agreement definitely exists, and it does not fall on your side.

>the more I am inclined to
>acknowledge that there is SERIOUS MISINFORMATION going on in
>our schools and in the media.

Yeah, those stickers in the Biology textbooks bother the hell out of me, too.