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29688, what I presuppose....
Posted by inVerse, Thu Mar-31-05 10:46 AM

>You don't make much progress by simply assuming an enormous
>anti-christian conspiracy in the scientific community

What I pressupose is actually more than that. I pressupose an enormous, congenital anti-God conspiracy in the heart of every man that has ever walked the earth, including myself. The only man I exclude from this group is Jesus.

It's important also that you not equivocate my "Faith in God" with faith in a young earth hypothesis. I am only raising the point that there is suppressed evidence and a suppressed debate.

Presently, at this point in my thinking, I see no reason why a creative God might just as well have done things slowly as quickly. Evolution, logically, does not negate the need for a creator. The Creationist vs. Evolutionist debate is based on a false dichotomy. People swallow it and pick a side because they don't think rationally.

However, the more I explore this "young earth camp" (EXTREMELY CREDIBLE SCIENTISTS INCLUDED) the more I am inclined to acknowledge that there is SERIOUS MISINFORMATION going on in our schools and in the media.