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Topic subjectRE: Jen I wholly disagree with you...
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29687, RE: Jen I wholly disagree with you...
Posted by stravinskian, Wed Mar-30-05 11:36 PM
>If you're saying that faith is faith, and logic is logic, and
>the two are seperate.
>My faith is grounded in reason. I found my faith through
>reason. Faith is not unreasonable.

Not necessarily so. But when a particular faith comes in direct conflict with a vast majority of evidence, and one then chooses to disregard the majority of evidence in favor of accepted faith, that's when it becomes unreasonable.

I cannot disprove God's existence, believe me, I would if I could. But I most certainly can disprove (up to any of the usual scientific standards) any young earth hypothesis. The key is to look seriously at the totality of the evidence. Not to presume the answer at the very beginning, and then to search out evidence to support my hypothesis, while disregarding that evidence which contradicts it.

You don't make much progress by simply assuming an enormous anti-christian conspiracy in the scientific community.