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Topic subjectBullshit
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29662, Bullshit
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Thu Apr-14-05 03:59 PM
You hypocrite! You came into this topic by essentially co-signing an accusation that all of us on the left are liars who fabricate memos to make a point. Talk about ignoring a topic at hand and responding on how you "feel" about others. The only reason I responded to you is because you and your little boyfriend fox came in here without any interest in learning about the topic at hand but in order to defame the rest of us who are interested. Next time you don't agree, put an argument forward. I think in posts where you have done so, I have argued with you without venom. Its where you jump in acting like a complete dick that I call you on it. When you are a dick, it disrupts the progress of discussion on the topic and that is something our mod, FIREBRAND, should call you on.

>man seriously. show me where i went into a topic, then
>totally ignored the topic at hand to respond on how i "feel"
>about YOU. seriously, go back a few pages or so and show me. i
>mean you haven't had that great of an impact on my life nor my
>experience here on okayplayer.com for me to do that...can YOU
>say the same? *sigh* case rested.