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Topic subjectRE: the tsunami tragedy nobody talks about
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29620, RE: the tsunami tragedy nobody talks about
Posted by foxnesn, Mon Apr-11-05 08:34 PM
i have a memo that counteracts that memo!!!

DATE:FEBRUARY 18th, 1989
TO: Dr. Spangler
FROM: Random Guy's Name offa some list somewheres
SUBJECT: All letters/memos you read are fake

Here are some good strategies to trick gullible activists into wasting their time so that they can continue to work their remedial jobs rather than actually give a fuck and become rich billionaires like us!

1) Send out bogus memos! Activists love to claim they obtained some 'secret' info that reveals a deep dark evil plot.

2) Always attack poor nations in these memos. Activists love to feel good about themselves. So much so, they will go to great lengths to talk about it on the internet.

3) Use the words wealth, income and economy a lot. These words drive activists up the wall!!! It doesnt matter what context they are used in, just drop the words at random and it will certainly stir the pot.