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Topic subjectif they has been rewarded 21 trillion dollars
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29613, if they has been rewarded 21 trillion dollars
Posted by suave_bro, Thu Apr-14-05 08:00 AM
you would have a valid argument. poverty pimps however, are asking for an insane amount of money in lump sum that NO government in their right mind would fork over to anybody under any circumstances. there is a difference in asking for payment for wrong doing, and asking for your government to go into a depression so you can line your pockets.

"..the first thing to understand about the issue of reparations for slavery is that no money is going to be paid. The very people who are demanding reparations know it is not going to happen. Why then are they demanding something that they know they are not going to get? Because the demegogues themselves will benefit, even if nobody else does. Stirring up historic grievances pays off in publicity and votes..." - random uncle tom.