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Topic subjectto pursue monetary compensation through the US legal system
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29606, to pursue monetary compensation through the US legal system
Posted by Ananse, Thu Apr-14-05 07:48 AM
would we (africans) have to identify existing insurance companies, living decendents of large slave holding families, banks, and other financial institutions that gained from the slave trade?

i'm no law student, but isn't it true that the us government can not be sued unless it "agrees" to?

would it be to our benefit to identify financial institutions rather than families in order to pursue financial compensation?

(btw, i am not shortsighted enough to think that 1) africans would be "allowed" to pursue these avenues 2) think that reparations for the Maafa would begin and end with financial compensation 3) or that these would be solutions to the many problems that face our community at large)