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Topic subjectYou seem to have missed the point...
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2999, You seem to have missed the point...
Posted by Oracle, Wed Nov-12-03 10:08 PM
The reason Moore doesn't make these tight connections that you seem to desire is because it's not possible, and the film admits that. The issue is more complex than simply blaming it on Cause A or Cause B. The whole purpose of the film is to ask questions, not answer them. I think Moore does a great job of posing possible answers, but leaves the viewer to make up their own mind. Maybe it's not the style you'd like, but it works effectively as far as I'm concerned.

Also, your critiques on the film making are just poorly constructed. I watched the film again today, and noticed not only good voiceovers, but perfectly timed editing. On top of that, the film is very well soundtracked. But I think these criticisms are missing the point.

Finally, in regards to the portrayal of Canada, please explain to me what was such a farce. I didn't think it was that far off. I'm interested to hear this.