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Topic subjectRE: Hate increase
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2989, RE: Hate increase
Posted by signified, Wed Nov-12-03 05:27 PM
>Well, when I say the public is too dumbed down and someone
>else says "people can draw their own conclusions" it doesn't
>necessarily mean both of us think these things and you can
>mold us together to make a conclusion. I am not responsible
>for what others say.

No but you admit that people are dumbed down. And irregardless of what the other person said, the audiences are clearly left to draw their own conclusion because Moore didn't tighten the screws on his thesis.

The larger point is that since he didn't tighten the thesis, this group of stupid people will never be able to draw the conclusions. Or if they do draw them they will be completely wrong or misunderstood. Thats how you get the 'towelhead sand nigger' rebuttal from people. Because Moore didn't have the cojones or the brains to actually put together a STATEMENT to present. Its really just a nihilist's film.