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Topic subjectRE: Hate increase
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2987, RE: Hate increase
Posted by signified, Wed Nov-12-03 01:33 PM
Moore has consciousness raising on his side, but I think its in vain because it presents such a feeble perspective. If anything it makes people think that there IS no correlation between these things. You say that people are too stupid, essentially, to grasp a serious argument. Someone mentioned that Moore had chose to let the viewers 'draw their own conclusions by not interfering with that process'. But I ask you... if the people are too stupid to get it, how can anyone expect them to draw the conclusions? Bowling for Columbine is a exercise in futility. Somebody watching it could just as easily blame the 'towelhead sand niggers' for the heightened fear and increased tension. The problem with the film is that it presents no framework.

Maybe if Moore were apolitical it would be ok, but affiliating himself with a group (whether or not he chooses that affiliation) means that he should be more responsible in his presentation - OR - not make one at all.