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2980, oh I see
Posted by signified, Fri Nov-07-03 12:07 PM
"It's kind of hard not to notice a documentary that took in the amount of money Bowling for Columbine did. I'm pretty sure the other nominees were grateful for his film's success. Just think about what his movies will do and have already done for the genre."

In a society where Britney Spears makes millions for stuffing her tits into a pushup bra and shaking her ass suggestively I dont think you can make any reasonable correlation between how good something is and the amount of money it takes in.

Think about what his movies will do for the genre? Think about what his movies have done for the role of the leftwing! It only takes so much as a reference to Moore for any right winger to dismiss the entire stance of the leftwing offhand. He is a menace and a child, we all saw how poorly he handled his brief time on stage at the Academy Awards. His movies are also shit.

Read what I wrote about how the left needs more critics.