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2975, Uhhh
Posted by signified, Fri Nov-07-03 10:35 AM
I wasn't criticizing the film for being too 'left wing'. I was critizing the film in terms of its veracity and presentation. Its not 'film school garbage' to note how poorly Moore presents his thesis... anybody with with a critical thinking ability could see how hollow his moral posturing was.

You manage to strike at the core of what is wrong with the leftwing today. Its the belief that any supporter of the left is good as long as they support the left. This has lead to alot of feeble leadership and amateurish theses (such as Moores 'Bowling' debacle). Just because somebody supports the left does NOT mean they should be supported. The leftwing needs more critics - more people willing to step up and say 'no, that film was a gigantic sack of bullshit, here's why'. Dont even try to front as if the film was any good. I have seen better attempts made by film school students, but thats not the point exactly. The point is that Moore has come to embody a large portion of the left-wing who are lazy minded and uncritical simply because he himself is left wing. As a result he releases childish books and childish documentaries which make the left look silly as a whole. Again, I move to expell this man and to encourage more SERIOUS CRITICISM from individuals in the left wing who are capable of thinking critically and seeing beyond the ridiculous bullshit moral posturing that the left suffers from today.