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2968, rrrrrrrrrip
Posted by signified, Thu Nov-06-03 05:57 PM
Well I had actually seen the Hesty Moses part in the trailer. And yes, if its a documentary it has to be accurate. If you blur the line between farce and truth you damage the forcefulness of the entire argument presented.

But I meant farce in a derisive way. Its just obvious that it was beyond Moore to cope with this film in a intelligent and rigorous way. In terms of the content, and in terms of the filmmaking. The production values were shit, sentimental, and amateur to the fullest degree. His interviewing techniques were laughable - especially the way he provides responses that HE thinks the person is talking about before they finish saying their answer (a method which garndered him alot of criticism for sculpting the peoples responses). I just criticize him for being dumb and naive. Dumb in his approach to the very serious topic of foreign policy transgression and the terrorist issue, dumb in his approach to the media relation, dumb in his reasoning about the psychology for the murders and the way he presents that argument, and naive for believing the hype about him was actually true. He sucks, everything he has touched post-Nike has sucked (got a good laugh when I saw the title of his new book 'Dude, wheres my country' - no doubt it will be laden with suprious claims and poor writing.)

We need to evict this man from the leftwing because he is damaging to our cause. He should be evicted because he is a lazy pseudo-intellectual. We need better minds than this slouch.