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Topic subjectThats a simpletons response.
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2965, Thats a simpletons response.
Posted by signified, Thu Nov-13-03 12:22 PM
Its obviously in the best interests of the powers-that-be to allow Moore to win. Attempting to stifle him would go against the notion of 'free speech' and 'democracy'. Why would they want to fan those flames when they can prop up this husky fella's shitty documentary, thereby strengthening the position of the rightwing.

Its not a convincing doc, because it doesn't really SAY anything. The film is apolitical in its conclusions, but Moore is readily associated with the leftwing, irregardless. That means they can increase their own power without damaging themselves and make the left look bad, all in one fell swoop. Moore is such a pawn. And predictably naive in believing his own press.