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Topic subjectno she didn't. if she pays taxes NOW.
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29581, no she didn't. if she pays taxes NOW.
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Sat Mar-26-05 06:49 PM
because the tax system NOW keeps the Holocaust going on in Black America, Poor so-called "White Trash" Trailer Parks, Sudan, and Palestine. And among some Jews, too, fortunately and sadly.

And you can't callme Anti-Semitic, beacth, because I KNOW that Arabs are Semites too!!!

To be clear, I'm NOT in anyway advocating the punishment or Killing of anyone when I say fortunately and sadly there are Jews involved inthe current Holocaust.

I say Fortunately, because although tragic, it's ironic that NOW Jews can see that ISRAEL is a racist country against the Palestinians. Not as bad as England, STILL.

"TERMINATOR X is one of the members of the group"
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he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.