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Topic subjectNO YOU'RE A TOM
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29574, NO YOU'RE A TOM
Posted by divine_cp, Fri Mar-25-05 12:04 PM
>i dont dig her at all. she is the ultimate assimalationist,
>the last thing any kneegrow needs to be. what will come out
>of this other than a few white women cryin in her audience.
>with her viewership and platform, maybe influence, where is
>she on real issues. i mean political issues, issues that
>challenge the order of the world's society.

Your ignorance is killing me. How do you know what she does, obvisous nothing because you are asking those questions. I mean damn, The Roots, Common, Mos Def and most of these 'conscious' artists have more whites in thier audience then blacks, so have they assimiliated also? Tell me the last time any of those artist through the 10 point program in their songs.