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Topic subjectOPRAH'S A TOM
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29573, OPRAH'S A TOM
Posted by NYC upt JUX, Fri Mar-25-05 05:31 AM
i dont dig her at all. she is the ultimate assimalationist, the last thing any kneegrow needs to be. what will come out of this other than a few white women cryin in her audience. with her viewership and platform, maybe influence, where is she on real issues. i mean political issues, issues that challenge the order of the world's society.

i would be much more impressed with oprah if she had a few shows about the death of fred hampton and demand real answers and names into cointelpro. or maybe have a show to shed light on assata shakur. no, she has a show with robbin givins kickin dirt on mike tyson for an hour to show america how crazy a nigger can be.( the givins show was recent, i passed it while turnin the channel from 2-3 am in ny two nites ago).

she is such a part of the establishment, that the only changes if any to come out this will be more shit to keep negroes in their place and that has nuthin to do with money or jobs.