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Topic subjectoprah agrees w/ chrisdefendorf that Blacks need Ghetto passes
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29572, oprah agrees w/ chrisdefendorf that Blacks need Ghetto passes
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Fri Mar-25-05 04:32 AM
cause it';s safe to be in the projects if you can afford a lawyer to protect you,

if you caint, the police are looking the other way as you're being fucked with, in that sensing.

That's why she's looking out for her brothers & sisters, looking out for her people.

That's why she's looking out for my brothers and sisters, looking out for my people.

That's why she's looking out for OUR PEOPLE

(MALCOLM X QUOTE: OUR people have a very serious problem).

As Malcolm said, racism in America is a HUMAN problem. It is a Black Problem, it is a white problem, but it';s a problem that affects the world, and is therefore a Human problem.

Al Jarreau sample: "We're in this love together..."

I hope they show some Angry Black people, angry as we saw Black people be toward Reginald Denny when they hit that guy with a brick. America needs to get some Brain Amplification, as addicted to the shit that Americans are.

Go oprah!


I think that Oprah is doing something that is very appropriate.

If you like Oprah, don't say she's ahead of her time, please. She's in the proper time for Oprah, in that sensing. Boyyyeee

"If you say Oprah, proper"
-interpolation of A Tribe Called QUest's "Check the Rhime"


"you fuckers brought chrisdefendorf out of crakctavist. thanksafuckinlot"
-okp rjcc

*chrisdefendorf joins janus on s.i.'s list of 'okps to ignore'

he aint racist. He's far from that- from what I've seen. IMO.