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Topic subjectRE: We either have no Black social theorist, or they're insignificant
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29288, RE: We either have no Black social theorist, or they're insignificant
Posted by The Hammer Man, Sun Apr-17-05 08:34 AM
..to me that raises more questions about the political direction of the white working classes and/or underclasses. What i mean is if your living in a society that is essentially hostile to your community unless you conform to it's rules and regulations what chance would you have of challenging or even breaking the patterns of thinking that have already been institutionalised?. Surely if change would to be forthcoming in this situation (i.e. the constraints of higher education as it is presented today) then it would have to be white people who could actually take stock and comprehend there own situation instead of looking at everybody else with their hands in the air like they think they don't have fundamental problems, who should be looking long and hard at themselves and the societies they build. The problem with this convincing people that this is a worthwhile thing to take to task, since as has been stated elsewhere, what would they have to gain when society is already balanced in their favour?