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Topic subjectRE: We either have no Black social theorist, or they're insignificant
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29287, RE: We either have no Black social theorist, or they're insignificant
Posted by brokenchains79, Sat Apr-16-05 10:24 AM
>..but despite critcisms or postulations from white figures of
>authority would black literature or social theories still not hold
>water for the black audience they were intended? or does the white,
>liberal establishment hold more sway over the educated people of
>your community?

Actually, I believe the ideas brought about by Black theorist, especially Pan-African, Afrocentric, Nationalist etc has caught alot more wind in the Black community. Grassroot organizing usually come from these ideas, the problem is they run against the university where they get very little play, in fact i think Bernal or Lefkotwitz called it a Ghettoized intellectual community. We exist in the university setting but we are so marginalized that most students have to go outside of a university and to a Black Bookstore or a few rare items at Borders. Even most Af american studies programs only treat them superficially if at all.

"me as a black man will not
stand here and allow you to
talk dumb shit about white
women that simply is not true"