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Topic subjectIssues in education run much deeper than the middle class
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29286, Issues in education run much deeper than the middle class
Posted by brokenchains79, Sat Apr-16-05 10:16 AM
There are foundations in which all knowledge is built upon. To challenge the epistemology in any field, no matter who you are, you are going against a system who's existence is built on White supremacist imperial ideas and conceptions, or simply automatic assumptions of western culture. To challenge this you may be up against centuries of lies, the issue isn't simply class. The issues are people divided by who their rulers are and what kind of education they force on them to keep them in the same position. A billionaire cannot write a book making claims that run contrary to what is written in the "Great Books" and not expect it to get shot down. It's suppression coming from a much higher order that permeates society from top to bottom.

Edward Shils wrote specifically about this, regarding the structure of the university and the role of the "scholar" especially scholars of color, how they are are dealt with in the maintenance of a society. I believe the exact title is called "Color, the universal intellectual community, and the Afro-Asian Intellectual" http://www.neiu.edu/~circill/Thompson10.pdf

This article is built upon his previous article of how a society should be run from a sociological perspective "Centre and Periphery

"me as a black man will not
stand here and allow you to
talk dumb shit about white
women that simply is not true"