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Topic subjectWe either have no Black social theorist, or they're insignificant
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29278, We either have no Black social theorist, or they're insignificant
Posted by brokenchains79, Fri Apr-15-05 07:12 AM
I say this, because we always have some white cat telling us what our reality is, usually trying to tell us our real issue is class not race.

I guess all of the Black folks writing books in this country since the 19th century to the present are just little kids with inferior reasoning ability. The volumes upon volumes of literature that has been produced by us, that addresses our reality and even deals with subjects such as Marxism/Socialism, capitalism, democracy etc has been ignored.

Then there are volumes upon volumes of literature from the carribean, the continent, and other places that have theorized and formulated specific ideas and paradigms that address micro and macro problems. But these theorist are not worthy to be considered, because they did not consult with the "real thinkers" that know our problems better than we know them ourselves, not even bothering to read some of the most basic text.

These same stooges, can't even address their inability to mobilize there own people to overthrow the minority exploiting regime ruining the world, yet they seek to be the experts on the African condition... Pure Arrogance! Dig into your own history and show me a time when the masses of europeans were living peacfully under any system.

"Discounts invalid theories which state that the evolution of economic systems has necessitated or produced this states of affairs. Instead, he turns such theories upside-down by suggesting that various economic systems such as captialist, communism, and socialism, have been devised, used, and refined in the effort to achieve the primal goal of White domination. In other words, the goal of the system of White supremacy is not for anything other than the establishment, maintenance, expansion, and refinement of world domination by members of the group which classifies itself as the White race."

"me as a black man will not
stand here and allow you to
talk dumb shit about white
women that simply is not true"