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Topic subjectIt's simple really...
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29248, It's simple really...
Posted by FireBrand, Wed Apr-13-05 03:43 PM
The election was stolen AGAIN. I lived in suburban Roswell for YEARS here in the Metro Area of Atlanta (http://roswell.georgia.gov). I've never ever had to wait in line to vote. No matter what the weather was voting took no more than 5 to 10 minutes. After all, aren't most of us going into work a few minutes late or using our lunchbreaks to vote?

This past election I had the day OFF. I know live in the West End of Atlanta, a hub of Africeture and Black Slate politics.

I was line for almost 2 and a half hours.

Some people left, but for the most part you heard folk talking about voting the black slate- you saw the election protection folk out (http://www.northernarc.net/articles/news_headlines/11.03.2004/narc1%20002(small).jpg)

But what was going on amongst the good spirits was str8 sabotage.

I don't get how it's a question that the vote was stolen, and that we don't have to be VERY vigilent about information security and information brokerage.

It's big business, and today where we are much like in the Matrix movies little more than batteries to the great economics machine vigilence and appropriate action is the only way to not die just another number.


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