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29241, RE: Baby mama, sperm donor...
Posted by JSYM7, Wed Apr-13-05 08:51 AM
I agree I don't criticize sisters who lost there husbands in various ways even divorce. I do however challenge people to make better decisions both men and women.

Men need to understand you can't treat women like trash and expect Queens. Trash in trash out as the old saying goes

Women need to hold the line and make better decisions concerning their sexuality especially outside of a truely commited we are building a future together relationship(marriage anyone)

I understand the diffuclty that young girls face and the lack of direction that young men face and the fact is we have to decide to create a better environment for our youth those of us who are educated and have found a better path should consider mentoring or something of that nature so that in the case of young men they are not taking all of there advise about women from one of the many rap coons or some other TV pimp/drug dealer and so that or women are empowered by women that love and respect themselves.