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Posted by Nettrice, Wed Apr-13-05 11:00 AM
It goes both way...

>I understand the diffuclty that young girls face and the lack
>of direction that young men face and the fact is we have to
>decide to create a better environment for our youth those of
>us who are educated and have found a better path should
>consider mentoring or something of that nature so that in the
>case of young men they are not taking all of there advise
>about women from one of the many rap coons or some other TV
>pimp/drug dealer and so that or women are empowered by women
>that love and respect themselves.

I love (not really) when people say it's the parents fault. So many of our kids who are/were born to single or teenage mothers are in foster care or the care of grandparents and guardians. Big Brother and Sister Association reports that most of the Black children they serve don't get Black mentors (male or female) and many sit longer on waiting lists compared to other groups of kids. It's a shame...but some of these people loooove to complain and attack folks because of song?